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Badrinath Temple Closing Date – 2019


The Kapat of Badrinath temple is going to close on 17th November, 2019 this year. Every year, the Badrinath temple opens in the months of April / May and closes in the months of October / November.  During winter season, from November to April, Lord Badrinath is worshiped in Pandukeshwar. 

About: Sri Badrinath Dham is situated on either banks of the    Alaknanda.  Standing like  twin sentinels over the valley are  the Nar and Narain mountains, and far in the distance soars  the resplendent Nilkanth peak…… read more.

Closing Day: The closing day of the Badrinath temple is decided by the Chief Executive Officer, the Rawal and the Dharmadhikari on the day of Vijaya Dashmi during the Dussehra festival. Normally the day of closing of Badrinath temple falls during the second or third week of November.

Opening Day: The opening day and time of the Badrinath temple is decided by the Chief Executive Officer of the Temple Committee and the former Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal in consultation with the pandits and astrologers.  The consultation is held with a brief ceremony at Maharaja’s palace at Narendra Nagar, on the auspicious day of Basant Panchmi.  A suitable day for the opening of Badrinath temple is normally found  a few days after Akshshay Tritiya which normally falls during the last week of April or the first week of May.

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