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Lord Howe Island Group

The Lord Howe Island Group, located in the Tasman Sea east of Port Macquarie, consists of 28 islands, islets, and rocks. The islands are the part of New South Wales, Australia. The other most notable places are Ball’s Pyramid and a cluster of small islands called as the Admiralty Group. The Lord Howe Island Group was added to the National Heritage List In 2007.

Having as area of 14.55 km², the Lord Howe Island Group is formed of oceanic islands of volcanic origin and is home to unique plants and animals. The island boasts of spectacular and picturesque landscapes and inhabited by seabirds and other endangered / threatened species such as the flightless Lord Howe Woodhen, once regarded among rare birds, and the Lord Howe Island Phasmid, the world’s largest stick insect.

The climate of Lord Howe Island is characterized as a humid subtropical. Average maximum temperatures range from 17–20 °C (63–68 °F) during winter, while it is 24–27 °C (75–81 °F) during summer.

The popular tourist activities include bird watching, yachting, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing and fishing, though there are some restrictions in number of visitors to visit the island. The island is connected by flight from Brisbane and Sydney.

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