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Uttarakhand trekking tours

The Uttarakhand Himalaya is famous for its natural beauty full of alpine meadows and snow capped mountains. The trekking season is manly during March to June and Mid September to November. There are few of the treks which are done during rainy and winter seasons also, but those are in very few numbers. During this period, most of the trek operators are found busy operating tours in bugyals and summits in the lap of Himalayas. Most of the trekking tours start from Rishikesh / Dehradun for the Garhwal region of Himalayas and the trekking tours for Kumaon region start from Haldwani. The nearest train station in Garhwal region is Haridwar and Haldwani for Kumaon region. Most of the trek operators arrange all the essential things like tents, kitchen utensils, guide, porters etc. for the trekking tour. The trekking tours have either fixed itinerary or customized according to the situation. The tours may consist of solo group or combination of groups. The tours are also tailored for trekkers on the basis of many factors like duration, grade, age etc. For tough trekking routes like Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Gaumukh tapovan, Satopant big groups are avoided as it needs more resources and any small mistake may lead to big problem. For easy treks like Nag tibba, Valley of Flowers, Deoria tal bigger groups can be managed. There are few of the trekking routes famous in Uttarakhand which are frequently used by the trekkers:

Valley of Flowers:

Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers as its name suggests, is famous for its variety of flowers across its beautiful landscape. During the rains, the entire area from the valley to the sacred Hemkund Sahib lake is bedecked with flowers and the air is permeated with divine fragrance. If you are looking for a fairy land, come to the Valley of Flowers, which before its discovery was an exclusive home for the fairies…..read more.

Chandrashila trek:

It is short and beautiful, which covers a scenic view of Himalayan range of peaks. Chandrashila trek can be more attractive by including Deoria tal lake, Panch Kedar Tungnath temple and beautiful meadows of Chopta (known as mini Switzerland). Chandrashila temple is highest Shiva temple. trek may get hindered during winter due to heavy snow fall but the trek is permissible.…..read more.

Gaumukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan:

This trek is more than 50 km. The trek starts from Gangotri with full of unexpected delights. Chirbasa, 9 km from Gangotri, an excellent spot to catch a glimpse of Gaumukh. As you approach Gaumukh, the towering peak of Shivling on the right tends to keep one hypnotised. While the Bhagirathi peaks look in massive formations in the northern gap, Shivling as its name connotes looks a vertical ling in a conical shape, which is simply beautiful. …..read more.

Nag tibba trek:

There are 4 routes for Nag Tibba trekking. One of the routes has been recommended, but other routes can also be arranged on demand. In Nag tibba trekking route from Pantwari, small vehicles like Bolero can be further used to shorten the trek till Lasser village. So, the  trekking option from Lasser village via Pantwari is most sought after.…..read more.

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