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Items needed for trekking

Items needed for trekking:

There should be a rough idea of clothing and other items required on the trekking routes. We have prepared a list of items which shall be brought by you in order to avoid the last moment worries on your trek. These items are very essential in terms of their daily usage on the trek.

Trekking gear:

  1. A water proof ruck sack bag (long but not wide).
  2. A water bottle with string so to hang.
  3. A pair of Sunglasses (to protect UV rays)
  4. One Torch with additional batteries, lighter, walking stick


  1. Thermal body warmer, upper and lower (1 set for three days trekking)
  2. Track lower (1 for 2 days trekking)
  3. Undergarments (Everyday needed)
  4. T-shirt / sweatshirts (1 for 2 days trekking)
  5. Woolen sweater and warm Jacket (1 each)
  6. Thick woolen socks (1 pair for 2 days trekking)
  7. Warm mittens (1 pair)
  8. Woolen cap (1 no.)
  9. Hat to shield the sun rays
  10. A rain proof outer sheet covering whole body or plastic upper or lower.
  11. A pair of hiking shoes and slippers (1 no.)

Other items:

  • Sun screen lotion, lip balm, toilet papers, hanky, nail cutter, swiss knife, cold cream, tooth paste / brush, cashew nuts, chocolates.

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