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Easy treks in Uttarakhand

Easy treks in Uttarakhand (25th April, 2016): Uttrakhand is gifted with many trek routes. There are around 200 treks registered in the state. The treks are distributed in different districts of the state. The Uttarakhand tourism industry gets a chunk of tourists as trekkers. The trekkers have got all the options of trekking routes from easy to tough.  The easy trek like Chandrashila is as popular as Kuari pass trek. Many people prefer very short treks like Nag tibba and Kunjapuri, which are both in the Dehradun district. There are many other treks like Lal tibba trek, Jhadi paani trek in the Dehradun district itself, although not popular among the tourists.

We shall emphasis on the classification of the treks based on the scale of difficulty in trekking the route. The first grade is easy. We have a list of few popular easy treks in Uttarakhand as follows:

Nag tibba:

Nag tibba winter (1)Nag tibba trek starts from Pantwari road head. The  distance of Pantwari from Dehradun is 95 km which is covered within 3 hours at a moderate speed. From Pantwari, there is an 8 km trek to the Nag tibba base, where the tent is pitched to end the day. Next day, a 3 km trek to Nag tibba top is done and returned back on the same day. On this day, one can either stay or return back to Dehradun. There is also another route to Nag tibba from Ontad village via Thathyur, which is longer trek.  This trek from Ontad village is less popular. Nag tibba trek is a very popular trek due to its proximity to Delhi. People prefer it because this trek can be done in a weekend……read more.

Deoria tal :

Deoriyatal with ChaukhambaDeoria tal is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. This trek is popular because of a lake at the top of a hill. From the hill, one can view the beautiful chain of Himalayan peaks. The trek starts from the Sare village, which is last road head. The distance of Sare village from Rishikesh is 220 km approximately which is around 7 hours journey at a moderate speed. After 7 hours journey one can either stay at Sare village or start 3 km uphill trek which takes around 2 hours to reach.  One does not regret the journey after seeing the beautiful lake and the surrounding…….read more.


Chandrashila1Chandrashila trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand. This trek is also in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. In fact, this trek can also be combined with Deoria tal trek. The  Chandrashila trek starts from Chopta, which is also a very popular tourist destination. The trek from Chopta to Chandrshila is 5 km. Normally, this trek is done within a day. But there are many other options in that area. Many people trek from Deoria tal to Chandrashila through Manpai bugyal, Rohini bugyal etc. So, it’s a very interesting circuit for trekkers…….read more.

Valley of flowers:

valley-of-flowers-trekValley of Flowers trek is definitely the most popular place among all the mentioned trekking places and routes. The last road head for the Valley of Flowers is Govind Ghat which is 270 km from Rishikesh. From Govind Ghat, there is a trek of 15 km to Ghangria. After Ghangria, another 4 km trek takes you to the Valley of Flowers which is 6 km in length. It takes 4 days from Joshimath to compete this beautiful journey. Normally people also visit Hemkund Sahib with Valley of Flowers…….read more.

The above mentioned treks are few popular easy treks suitable to all trekkers. So make up your mind and visit one of these places to experience the natural beauty of Himalayan mountains.

Please feel free to ask any query related to the above trekking destinations……… contact us.

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Valley of flowers
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Joshimath tour
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Auli tour
Deoriyatal with Chaukhamba




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