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Trekking and camping in Uttarakhand

Trekking and camping in Uttarakhand: The combination of trekking and camping is the best way to get close with nature. Most of the trekking routes in Uttarakhand are away from the habitation zone and need your own staying arrangement in the form of tents for camping. There are many bugyals in Uttarakhand where bugyals tempt you to pitch your tent and enjoy the wilderness of the nature. Few of the places where you can pitch your tents and enjoy the camping are as follows:

treksChopta is called the mini – Switzerland of Uttarakhand, where you can find plenty of places to pitch your tents amidst bugyals or forest. The whole Chopta valley has many bugyals starting from Duggal – bitta. These bugyals are ideal places to spend your leisure time with your near and dear ones. Chopta is located on road head and here you can trek from one point to another which could stretch 4 to 5 km apart…..read more.

BedniBedni  bugyal is considered one of the most beautiful bugyals. This bugyal is famous for is lush green meadows having carpets of grass all around on the surface. This bugyal lies on the Ropkund trek. The bugyal will allure you to stay there and spend your quite evening after a long trek starting from Wan. At the night, the thousands of twinkling stars will steal your heart and the cool air will put you in serene mood…..read more.

Kuari 1Auli – Gorson bugyals are also very famous group of bugylas along the Kuari pass trek. The trek will start from Auli and ends at Gorson top. On the way treading towards Gorson in the midst of the meadows you may wonder that how different and beautiful places exist on earth. You may want to take a sip of tea while gazing towards chain of Himalayas comprising of Neelkanth, Nanda Devi, Hathi parvat etc. This place is ideal for pitching your tent under the open sky to enjoy your whole day in the Himalayan lap….read more.

Above are few examples and there are hundreds of places in Uttarakhand where you can enjoy your camping in the midst of Himalayan wilderness.

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