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Sundardhunga and Kafni Glaciers

          On the same trail of Pindari glacier, one has the option of going to two other glaciers called Sundardhunga on its west and Kafni on the east. The route for Sundardhunga bifurcates at Khati, which is the largest village in this area. From Khati the trail goes through another valley along the Sundardhunga river to a village called Jyoti (2450mtr) and then to Sundardhunga glacier. There are no fixed halting places along the route and the return trek for Sundhardhunga may require upto 5 days, depending on how much one can walk.

                The route to Kafni bifurcates at Dwali and goes along the Kafni river. Dwali to Kafni glacier and back is a difficult trek taking a full day. Night halt arrangements need to be made in advance with the help of guides. 

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