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Roopkund lake & trek

 About Roopkund :

Roopkund, is situated at a height of 4778 mtr in Uttarakhand. Roopkund trek is well renowned trek and needs a big deal of preparation for whole trekking trip. Nanda raj jat festival is also associated with Roopkund trek, which is celebrated after every 12 years. The year 2014 is the year of Nanda raj jat yatra.  Roopkund lake is in the lap of the Trisul Massif  (7122 mtr), is  usually referred to as the “Mystery Lake” because of the mystery surroundings of the  human skeletons and remains of horses found around it.

Its origin and Raj jat yatra :

Opinions are divided on the origin of these skeletons in Roopkund.  Some believe that they are the skeletons of General Jorawar’s soldiers in Roopkund who died here on a mission to Tibet, but this argument is diluted by the fact that the soldiers had no reason to go up to this height, and more so because  Roopkund does not fall on the route to Tibet.  Others are of the opinion that the skeletons are those of zealous pilgrims who, about 200 years ago, went on the famous Raj Jat Yatra  to Roopkund lake and perished due to inclement weather. This line of thinking looks closer to facts.

 The Raj Jat Yarta which ends at Roopkund  takes place once in 12 years and is known for its great religious and spiritual importance.  With the golden idol of the Goddess Nanda Devi ensconced in a silver palanquin, the pilgrimage starts from the Nauti village, near Karnaprayag.  Great significance is attached to a happening  of a four horned ram, which it is said, is born for the occassion somewhere in this area, once in every twelve years.  The ram leads the pilgrimage from Nauti village to the rocky heights of the famous bugyals through the snow fields of Roopkund and ultimately to the Shrine of Nanda Devi where it suddenly disappears.

The Roopkund trek :

Earlier the motor head for Roopkund trek was Lohajang, 76 km from Karnaprayag. A further stretch of 12 kms upto Wan is also  motorable if maintained. The motor head  can be approached from both Nainital and Karnaprayag. The Roopkund trek route passes through delightful alpine pasture lands and snow fields, and offers magnificent views of the Garhwal Himalayas and peaks such as Trisul, Nanda Ghunti and Chaukhamba.

The 30km trek from Wan is the route followed by the Raj Jat Yatra and the local people.




Place Altitude (m) Distance (m) Point to point Distance (m) Progressive
Karnaprayag 795
Tharali 850 43 43 motorable
Dewal 1218 12 55 motorable
Bagrigadh 1980 15 70 motorable
Mundoli 2134 4 74 motorable
Lohajang 2210 2 76 mmotorable
Wan 2439 12 88 motorable
Gairoli Patali 3049 9 97 trek
Patar Nachauni 3658 11 108 trek
 Roopkund  4778  10  118 trek
From Roopkund, trekkers may trace their way back to Wan – Lohajang. But there is also another option of extending the trek to Hom Kundi and proceed on to the other side of the mountain range to Ghat, which is the motor head on the other side. The trek from Roopkund to Homkundi can be extremely difficult and without proper planning should not be ventured.



Place Altitude (m) Distance (km) Point to point Distance (km) Progressive
Roopkund 4778
Jyuragali 5335 5 5
Homekundi 4061 8 13
Sutole 2192 18 31
Ghat 1331 26 57
Nandprayag 914 19 76 motorable


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