1) Jim Corbett National Park: 

Uttarakhand was once the home of leopards and tigers, many of them at certain stages turned man-eaters.  The man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag and some tigers in the Kumaon region killed several men, women and children and created an atmosphere of insecurity, and fear in these areas.  Then one of the greatest naturalists, conservationists and hunter, Jim Corbett, came upon the scene and to his gun fell several tigers, one after another, many of them man-eaters…. read more.

2) Raja ji National Park: 

If Corbett National Park has been named after the great killer and ecologist Jim Corbett, the Rajaji park has been named after the greatest freedom fighter late Sri C. Rajgopalachari, who was affectionately called Rajaji, and who had the distinction of becoming the only Indian Viceroy of India after independence. Rajaji Park, contains of three sanctuaries ie Rajaji, Chilla and Motichur, spreading over an area of 820 sq km of Shivalik range and was founded in 1983 …… read more.

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Jim 4The monsoon closure of Raja ji and Corbett National Park: The two tiger reserves of Uttarakhand – Jim Corbett National Park and Raja ji National Park – shall be closed after 15th June as a part of their monsoon break for another six months. The parks shall open on 15th November after clearing all the road blocks. read more.
Jim 3Close encounter with wildlife: The danger in the wildlife safari is unknown to the tourists visiting these places. The tourists venture to have closure encounter with the wild life and take selfies, videos and other recordings…..read more
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 lionLion safari in Uttarakhand  : Uttarakhand government has sent a report to Central Zoo Authority for the establishment of site for wildlife safari which would include Lion, tiger etc…..read more
 muskMusk deer, the endangered species : Musk deer is the state animal of Uttarakhand. The name of this deer in Hindi is Kusturi Mirg. Musk deer belongs to the family read more.
jimJim Corbett National Park may get the Corbett’s rifle  : Jim Corbett national park is named after a famous hunter Jim Corbett, who was given the responsibility of killing…..read more
Jim 1Jim Corbett National park, Uttarakhand :  Elephants trained in Karnataka and rode by mahouts from Assam shall be available at the park by next year(Year 2016) read more.
  Few famous places are shown below:
Hemkund Sahib
hot springs
Tapovan hotspring


 The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand
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