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Milam Glacier trek

The Milam Glacier is nearly 8 kms beyond the last Indian village of the same name, Milam, in district Pithoragarh. The glacier is in the lap of Nanda Gon (6992 mtr), Hardeol (7151mtr), Trisuli-I (7074mtr) along with some more peaks in the north and south-west. Goriganga originates from here and then merges with the Sharda ( Kaliganga) further down at Jaunljibi. The glacier snout is clearly visible from a Vantage Point (3500mtr) which is nearly 4 km from the Milam village. Most trekkers return from around this point. Across the glacier there is a pool of crystal clear water called Surya Kund which is visited by the villagers on the Raksha Bandhan day. The famous Nanda Devi peak is in view from some places in the valley.

Before the Chinese annexation of Tibet, Milam had a vibrant economy because of its trade with Tibet. Since then, in the absence of any trade, most of the villagers have permanently settled in their winter villages around Munsyari and the Talla Johar valley. As a result Milam now looks deserted.




All towns located on heights are picturesque, but Munsyari has its own charm. Facing the mighty Panchachuli and Raj Rambha peaks, this town is developing into a beautiful holiday resort, where one can live with nature for any number of days. Of late a few guest houses and other accommodations have come up for the visitors. ( for details see chapter 26)



Place          Altitude (mtr)         Distance               Mode



Thal                 800                         0                  Motorable

Munsyari        2290                       67                  Motorable

Darkot           1800                         9                  Motorable

Dhapa           1800                         3                  Motorable

Lilam             1875                         3                 Trek

Bogdyar         2500                        20                 Trek

Martoli           3430                        12                 Trek

Burphu          3200                          3                 Trek

Milam village  3300                          8                 Trek

Vantage Point 3500                          4                 Trek

Milam Glacier 3700 +   


Presently the trek for Milam Glacier starts from Dhapa. Motor road from Dhapa to Milam is under construction. Once ready the trek will start from Milam village only.

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