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Kuari Pass trek

Kuari Pass

Kuari pass trek is one of the well known treks in Uttarakhand, located at height of 4268 mtr. above sea-level. It is also a favourite spot for camping  in summer. A brief description of the 4 trek routes of kuari pass is shown below:

TREK 1 : Joshimath, Auli and Gorson to Kuari Pass (04 days).

TREK 2 : Ghat, Ramni, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass ( 06 days)

TREK 3 : Joshimath, Tugasi,Khulara to Kuari Pass (05 days)

TREK 4 : Tapovan, Khulara to Kuari Pass(05 days) 

Location: District – Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

Grade: Moderate

Altitude (max): 4268 mtr.

Days : 4 to 6


 About Kuari pass :
Nanda Devi…click

Kuari pass trekking is full of extensive panoramic views of the peerless Himalayas to the north-east, and the vast stretches of verdant valleys to the south-east. Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Bethartoli, Hathi Parvat, Devasthan etc are some of the glorious peaks to be seen.  On a clear day of trekking, it is possible to sight the Nanda Devi Sanctuary and its galaxy of peaks.Gailgarh, 5 km from Kuari pass, is a little cozy nest in wonderful, natural surroundings.  This is a good point to camp for a day. About 6 km south-east of Gailgarh, is the partially snow-covered peak, Pangarchulia, height 5183 mtr above sea-level.  

Six kilometres east of Gailgarh, altitude 3354 mtr above sea-level, is a little fairy land called Delisera.  It is a vast expanse of flat land with natural terraced slopes through which a small stream ripples out. North-east of Galigarh about 6 km, contrary to its name is a lovely lake, Bore Kund, which has a perimeter of almost 2 km.  This lake is said to be very deep and is surrounded by a wealth of dense forests. 

Lord Curzon..click

The Kuari pass trek is also known as “Curzon trail” after Lord Curzon, who took this expedition in 1905. He was the Viceroy of India (1899 – 1905).

TREK STARTING POINTS : The Kuari pass trekking can be organised from three different starting points of Ghat, Joshimath and Tapovan.  The trek from Ghat is the longest one. All the starting points reach to Gailgarh, where from the Kuari pass is scaled on same day and returned back to the base camp or further ahead to finishing point.  


 Kuari pass trek map :
kuari mapA rough map of Kuari pass trek has been prepared for an idea of the locations and the altitude of the places. Though, the map is not on scale but quite helpful. For map please click here.


Fixed / probable departure for Kuari pass Trek:  Please contact us to join the group.


KUARI PASS TREK 1: Joshimath, Auli, Gorson, Gailgarh to Kuari Pass.
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Kuari 1From Joshimath, there are two Kuari pass trekking routes.  One  goes through Auli, Gorson, Tali and Chitrakantha and the other goes from Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Gailgarh and Kuari pass. From Auli, the trekking route trails its way though the bugyals and rich green forests, with the Himalayas always in view, to Gailgarh and Kuari.  The camping grounds are an absolute delight – areas of undulating slopes, carpeted with rich, green grass and set in beautiful natural surroundings. From Tali to Chitrakantha, there is only a goat track and horses and mules cannot go along here. The best combination would be combination of Gorson and Gailgarh … click for detail.   


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Joshimath 1890
Auli 2744 14 motorable
Gorson 3658 3 trek
Tali 3506 5 trek
Chitrakantha 3506 4 trek
Gailgarh 3658 3 trek
Kuari pass 4268 5 trek
 For detailed itinerary click here For trek map click here


KUARI PASS TREK 2: Ghat, Ramni, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass.
kuariGhat is a small friendly settlement in the Nandakini Valley and located about 19 km from Nandprayag. From Ghat, the trekking route goes via Ramni, Sarkot, Jhenjipatni, Pana, Irani, Sanatoli, and Domabhiti to the Kuari Pass.

The Ramni-Kuari Road is also known as Curzon Road, because Lord Curzon, a keen trekking enthusiast, trekked from Gwaldom to Ramni and on to Kuari pass, when he was the Viceroy of the British India…..read more

This trekking route  passes through the picturesque areas around Ramni, then trails along to Sarkot and Sanatoli where from expansive view of the Himalayas can be had.  At times, the going can really be strenuous, especially in the sections Ghat to Ramni and Domabhiti to Kuari.


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Nandaprayag 914
Ghat 1331 19 motorable
Ramni 1982 10 motor/trek
Sarkot 2439 4 trek
Jhenjipatni 1524 9 trek
Panarani 2043 12 trek
Sanatoli 2439 5 trek
Domabhiti 2286 5 trek
Kuari Pass 4286 5 trek


KUARI PASS TREK 3: Joshimath, Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Kuari pass.
Kuari 2This trek from Joshimath via Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Gailgarh and Kuari pass is popular with those who have no interest in the bugyals of Auli and Gorson. The trek passes through jungles and small meadows. One can feel the fresh air looming all around and no noise pollution amidst trees and open fields.


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Joshimath 1890
Mirag 1982 7 motorable
Tugashi 2012 10 trek
Khulara 2896 6 trek
Gailgarh 3658 6 trek
Kuari pass 4268 5 trek


KUARI PASS TREK 4: Tapovan, Khulara to Kuari pass.
Kuari (1)The fourth trek starts from Tapovan, which is 16 km from Joshimath on the main road to Malari.  The trek begins and ends with a climb and takes one through the glorious Tapovan Valley. Although it is the shortest route and meets the third trek at Khulara the climb on this route is very steep and tiring.


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Joshimath 1890
Tapovan 1892 16 motorable
Khulara 2896 10 trek
Gailgarh 3658 6 trek
Kuari pass 4268 5 trek


Kuari (2)It will be enjoyable to combine the second and fourth treks, that is going from Joshimath to Auli, Gorson, Chitrakantha, Kuari pass and returning via Khulara, Tapoban. In this way, the trekkers will have an opportunity of visiting the beautiful bugyals of Auli and Gorson, and have the benefit of a rejuvenating bath in the hot water springs of Tapoban before returning to Joshimath. The options of trekking routes shall be intimated before the departure so a proper arrangement could be made in advance.


How to reach Joshimath from New Delhi:
Delhi to Haridwar: by Bus (6- 7 hrs.)/ train (6 – 7 hrs.) / airplane (less than 1 hr. in air) 

Haridwar to Joshimath: by Bus (10 – 11 hrs) / car or jeep (09 – 10 hrs.)

Note: Night journey is not allowed in Garhwal region starting from Rishikesh (25 km from Haridwar).

ddn-trainDelhi to Haridwar train: The most important junction for the tourists visiting the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand is Haridwar. The train service from Delhi to Haridwar is very regular and comfortable. The tourist destinations like Char Dham, Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib etc. ……….read more


Char Dham:
Badrinath Kedarnath Gangotri Yamunotri


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