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Hemkund Sahib

 (The writing of Guru Govind Singh on lake)

And now I reveal my origin

I got enlightened by meditation

A place where Hemkund is located

And Mirrors the seven high peaks

Sapta shring is their name

Raja Pandu had meditated there

And I also performed prolonged tapasya

And worshipped the Mahakala and Kalika


 Guru Govind Singh and Hemkund Sahib

This is how in one of his writings, Guru Govind Singh indicated  that in one of his previous births he had meditated on the shores of a lake surrounded by seven snow-covered peaks known as Shapta Shring.  In 1930, Havildar Sohan Singh inspired by Tara Singh Narottam’s findings, was on a mission to locate this celestial lake. He was taken by the local villagers to a lake near the Valley of Flowers, then known as Lokpal. Havildar Sohan Singh was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the lake and the images of snow peaks in the rippling waters, that he immediately shouted “This is the Lake” referred to by Guru Govind Singh.

Seven snow-covered peaks surround Sri Hemkund lake and their reflection in the bluish-green water is a picture to behold. 

As Guru Govind Singh is revered equally by the Sikhs and Hindus alike, this lake has today become a popular pilgrimage centre for both the communities.


The Trek to Sri Hemkund Sahib

The motor head for Sri Hemkund Sahib is Govind Ghat which is located 270 km from Rishikesh and 20 km from Joshimath.  Porters and ponies are available for the 20 km. trek.  The trek up to Ghangaria (Govind Dham) is the same as for the Valley of Flowers.

Whilst the trek from Ghangria to the Valley of Flowers is a gradual ascent, that to Sri Hemkund Sahib is a steep climb and a pony is necessary for the elderly ones.  The route is enchanting and the waters of the Laxman Ganga (Hem Ganga) in its many moods, is a constant delight to the trekkers.  The Laxman Ganga descends from Sri Hemkund Sahib and joins with the Pushpawati at Gangaria. The combined stream retains the name Laxman Ganga.  One passes by waterfalls and ridges richly carpeted with flowers. In autumn, the fragrant Brahma Kamal along with Blue Poppy and Bistorta Affinis are seen growing profusely.

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 The other famous treks near Hemkund Sahib are shown below:


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Kuari pass
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Dronagiri mountain
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 The famous places near Hemkund Sahib are shown below:
Shri Badrinath
hot springs
Tapovan hotspring
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