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Trekking in June

The trekking routes for the month of June in Uttarakhand.

Kuari Pass:

Nanda_devi-300x199Kuari pass trekking is full of extensive panoramic views of the peerless Himalayas to the north-east, and the vast stretches of verdant valleys to the south-east. Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Bethartoli, Hathi Parvat, Devasthan etc are some of the glorious peaks to be seen.  On a clear day of trekking, it is possible to sight the Nanda Devi Sanctuary and its galaxy of peaks.Gailgarh, 5 km from Kuari pass, is a little cozy nest in wonderful, natural surroundings.  This is a good point to camp for a day. About 6 km south-east of Gailgarh, is the partially snow-covered peak, Pangarchulia, height 5183 mtr above sea-level…….read more.  

Panch Kedar:

KedarnathPanch Kedar trek is attributed to Lord Shiva. The history goes back to the days of Mahabharata. When the war ended five Pandavas started their journey to find Shiva to get rid of the sin for killing their own kinsmen. Lord Shiva fled to Kedarnath from Kashi to elude the Pandavas, and on being detected by them assumed the form of a bull.  Bhim tried to catch Him , but Shiva dived into the earth and only the hump came  in Bhim’s hand.  Shiva was pleased with the determination of the Pandavas to receive His blessings and be freed from the sin of killing their own kinsmen in war and gave them darshan.  This hump is worshipped at Sri Kedarnath Dham today. The Panch Kedar pilgrimage starts with Sri Kedarnath……….read more.

Gaumukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan:

frontGaumukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan trek is more than 50 km. The trek starts from Gangotri with full of unexpected delights. Chirbasa, 9 km from Gangotri, an excellent spot to catch a glimpse of Gaumukh.Before arriving at Gaumukh, one passes through a little place called Bhojbasa, where there is a forest of Bhoj-Patra trees. The paper like bark of this tree is called Bhoj Patra, which can be recovered from the tree stem in several thin layers. In ancient times Bhoj Patra was used for writing purposes which was later substituted by paper. The local people even now have several uses for it, especially as Pooja containers, packaging etc. All along the route the mesmerising view of Bhagirathi peaks keep inviting the travellers. The first night tent stay shall be at Bhojbasa….read more.

Nanda Devi Sanctuary:

lataThe Nanda Devi Sanctuary is a cup-shaped sea of snow, gravel and rocks surrounded by almost seventy, white ethereal named and un-named peaks piercing into the deep blue sky.  It has a perimeter of nearly 120 km with an area of 640 sq. km and represents a natural fortress with steep walled peaks on the periphery.

Some of the most outstanding peaks of the Central Himalayas are clustered between the glaciers of Gangotri and Milam, a vast glacial land , called the Nanda Devi Sanctuary.  The most popular peak in the sanctuary is Nanda Devi, and with its top shaped like a camel’s hump, it has attracted mountaineers from all over the world…..read more.

Valley of flowers:

vof2Valley of flowers as its name suggests, is famous for its variety of flowers across its beautiful landscape. During the rains, the entire area from the valley to the sacred Hemkund Sahib lake is bedecked with flowers and the air is permeated with divine fragrance. If you are looking for a fairy land, come to the Valley of Flowers, which before its discovery was an exclusive home for the fairies.  A little description of valley of flowers has been shown below, followed by its history, trekking route detail, duration etc. Valley of flowers was not very popular destination before Frank Smythe who is officially credited with discovering the Valley of Flowers in 1931, but in some circles it is believed that Richard Holdsworth, a botanist member of Smythe’s successful Kamet Expedition was the real discoverer of the Valley of flowers………..read more.

Roop kund:

RoopkundRoopkund, is situated at a height of 4778 mtr in Uttarakhand. Roopkund trek is well renowned trek and needs a big deal of preparation for whole trekking trip. Nanda raj jat festival is also associated with Roopkund trek, which is celebrated after every 12 years. The year 2014 is the year of Nanda raj jat yatra.  Roopkund lake is in the lap of the Trisul Massif  (7122 mtr), is  usually referred to as the “Mystery Lake” because of the mystery surroundings of the  human skeletons and remains of horses found around it. Opinions are divided on the origin of these skeletons in Roopkund.  Some believe that they are the skeletons of General Jorawar’s soldiers in Roopkund who died here on a mission to Tibet, but this argument is diluted by the fact that the soldiers had no reason to go up to this height, and more so because  Roopkund does not fall on the route to Tibet.  Others are of the opinion that the skeletons are those of zealous pilgrims who, about 200 years ago, went on the famous Raj Jat Yatra  to Roopkund lake and perished due to inclement weather. This line of thinking looks closer to facts……read more.

Nag tibba:

1Nag tibba trek is the nearest trek route from Dehradun/Rishikesh for the trekkers visiting Garhwal region, Uttarahand. The trek destination can be reached within 9-10 hours from Delhi.The first name of Nag Tibba has been driven from ‘Nag Devta’.  ‘Tibba’ is a local word for hill or peak. In order to get the protection for the cattle, the local villagers come here to worship.

Nag Tibba trek (Altitude: 9915 ft) is one of the most liked short treks, near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Far from maddening crowd, those who want to view the panoramic sights of Himalaya range, dense forest and wild life, Nag Tibba trekking is best suited trekking route. 

If the weather favours you  the himalayan range which can be viewed from Nag Tibba are Bandarpoonch peak, the Gangotri group of peaks,  Kedarnath peak in the north, Doonvalley and the snow peaks of Chanabang. 

The weather of the Nag Tibba can also be checked by Mussoorie’s weather. The aerial distance between Nag Tibba range and Mussoorie is apprx. 15 km……read more.


Deoria tal:

Deoriyatal with ChaukhambaDeoria tal trek is one of the shortest treks in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Deoria tal lake is located in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand. This beautiful lake is on hilltop of the Ukhimath town, the winter seat of Kedarnath. Deoria tal situated at a height of 2200 mtr, is surrounded by green forests. The majestic Chaukhamba peak reflecting in the  crystal clear  waters of Deoriyatal looks at arms reach. The first 7 km up to Sari village from Ukhimath can be covered by motor and the  remaining 3 km for Deoria tal trek has to be trekked. Deoriatal trek is  quite steep in comparison to other nearby treks.

The other places surrounding Deoria tal are Chopta, Tungnath, Chandrashila. Normally, people keep all the mentioned places in the itinerary while visiting this lake.The season for Deoria tal lake is round the year. During winter, sometimes due heavy snowfall the trek is hindered. A further trek from Deoria tal to Chandrashila can also be done through thick forest and beautiful meadows stretching to 14 km.…….read more.



AuliAuli is 16 km up the mountain  from Joshimath and easily accessible by road and ropeway. Seperated by a rich run of forest.  Auli and Gorson are twin meadows on the roof of Joshimath at heights ranging from 8500 ft to 13000 ft. Skiing is a sport directly related with snow.  In India, it is only in the inner Himalayas where snow is available. Every year hundreds of tourists visit here to experience the skiing activity. The number of tourist has been on rise due to the fact that the tourists are becoming more inclined towards adventure activities. Although, it is not possible to be a perfect skier in a week’s programme but still one can have a feeling of being a skier after elementary courses. It is the feeling of gliding over the snow and wind passing you which gives you immense pleasure. Skiing is considered one of the top adventure sports……read more.


Panwali Kantha:

LansdownePanwali Kantha, Uttarakhand has many beautiful bygyals/meadows along its trekking route. The pretty and  peaceful Panwali kantha bugyals lie at far flung heights, ranging from 2745 mtr to 3970 mtr on the old pilgrim trail from Gangotri to Sri Kedarnath.  They are open grasslands and undulating slopes studded with patches of forests.  With the advent of summer, the snows melt and the flowers and herbs blossom forth to carpet the Panwali kantha bugyal with a riot of colours. Panwali kantha is located between the Gangotri and Sri Kedarnath axis. Hence it can easily be reached from both Gangotri side and Sri Kedarnath side. From Gangotri side the trek starts from Mala, 2 km from Bhatwari and from Sri Kedarnath side it starts from Triyuginarain……read more.


Har ki doon:

KushThe western part of the Uttarkashi is known as Fateh Parvat, and is separated from Himachal Pradesh by the river Tons.   In this part of Uttarakhand, the luxuriant Har-Ki-Doon Valley has a backdrop of snowy mountain peaks, and dense forests of pine, deodar and other conifers that border vast stretches of meadows.  The forests are rich in wild life and rare Himalayan birds, and during late June and the rainy season, the flower-sprangled meadows are a delight to the eyes.  This valley is a virtual paradise for the botanist, bird-watcher, explorer or the hermit. Druyodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas is worshipped in this area as the main deity.  It is believed that Bhog Datt, a warrior of the Mahabharath, who fought against the Pandavas, resided here…..read more.



choptaChandrashila trek is short and beautiful, which covers a scenic view of Himalayan range of peaks. Chandrashila trek can be more attractive by including Deoria tal lake, Panch Kedar Tungnath temple and beautiful meadows of Chopta (known as mini Switzerland). Chandrashila temple is highest Shiva temple. Chandrashila trek may get hindered during winter due to heavy snow fall but the trek is permissible. Chandrashila is the apex point of the trek. From Chandrashila, one can view the peaks of  Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Nilkanth, Kedardome, Bandarpoonch and some more. From Chandrashila one can view the Himalayan range clearly in the morning………read more. 

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Uttarakashi Vishnuprayag Chakrata Lansdowne
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