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Famous hot water springs on earth

Source: Anthony Stone

The hot water springs can be found all over the world on every continent and even under the seas and the oceans. These are produced by hot underground water having temperature up to 350°C (662°F). Many of these hot water springs were created due to volcanic activities which happened million years ago between 20 t0 45 million years. Some of the most fascinating hot water springs are listed.

1The Grand Prismatic Spring

Rank in the world (largest) : 3rd

Rank in America (Largest) : 1st

Location : Yellowstone National Park, USA

Size : 250 by 300 feet

The above hot spring discharges an estimated  2000 litres of water per minute at 71°C (160°F). The spring water has vivid water colours ranging from green to brilliant red and orange. These colours are due to the the presence of algae and pigmented bacteria which grow around the edges of mineral rich water. The center of pool is totally sterile due to extreme heat caused by the water.


2Mammoth Hot Springs: largest carbonate-depositing spring in the world

Rank in the world (largest) : 1st

Location : Yellowstone National Park, USA

This hot spring is the largest know hot water carbonate – depositing spring in the world. The most distinct feature of this hot spring is the presence of Minerva Terrace – the series of travertine terraces caused due to deposition of calcium carbonate over thousands of years as hot water cooled down to form. An estimated 2 tons flows each day into the Mammoth.


3Blood Pond Hot Spring: welcome to hell

This hot water spring is located at Beppu, Japan. This is one of nine “hells” of Beppu which are more for viewing than bathing. This “blood pond hell” features red hot water colored due to iron in it. This is considered one of the most photogenic of nine hells.



4Blue Lagoon: Iceland’s geothermal spa

Location : Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland

Iceland boasts of Blue Lagoon geothermal spa as one of the main attractions. This is a part of lava formation and a large swimming pool is kept heated with the run-off water from a close by power plant run by geothermal water. The turbine is run by superheated water vented from the ground near a lava flow. This water and hot steam is also used to provide heat to municipal hot water heating system. This water is then fed to lagoons for bathing purpose. This water consists of minerals like silica and sulphur. The water is good against the skin diseases such as psoriasis. The temperature of the hot water spring is around 40°C (104°F) for bathing and swimming. This place is located about 38 kms from the capital city of Reykjavik.

5Glenwood Springs: world’s largest natural hot springs swimming pool

Location : Colorado, USA

This is the world’s largest natural hot water swimming pool. The flow rate of the water in the pool is around 143 litres / second. This pool is full of salty minerals with the water temperature around 98°F (36°C).

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