Shahanshahi Trek Dehradun

Shahanshahi trek is located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand in India. This is a very small trek for picnic purpose and can be completed in a day. The trek starts from Shahanshahi Ashram Dehradun and ends at a juncture before Jaypee Residency Manor near Mussoorie.  This trek can further be extended to Jharipani. The total distance of the trek is 7 km around, one way. Dehradun had captivated Britishers with its beauty and charm who came here and set up their holiday homes and eventually many natural trails came into notice, though, these trails might have existed before their arrival. Ruskin Bond had mentioned about these trails in his books.  Nag Tibba trek, located in Dehradun district,  finds mention in “Seven Years in Tibet” written by Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer. These treks are reminiscent of olden days when people visited far flung areas on foot.

Shahanshahi trek covers beautiful locations of both Mussoorie and Dehradun. During the trek, while ascending to Mussoorie, one can gradually see the beauty and vastness of Dehradun and also the eye-catching hill queen “Mussoorie”.

This is a trek where not much preparation is needed unlike other long treks. One can carry biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits, juice, and water bottle with him. The trek should ideally be started in the early morning so the same could be finished before dusk.  The sunrise and sunset while scaling the rising and dropping slopes of the trek will give you a panoramic view to Dehradun city with sun in the backdrop. This trek is much suited for the families, students and those who want to finish an outing in a single day and want to get the feel of wilderness of nature.

There are many other treks in this region stretching from Dehradun to Mussoorie, and Shahanshahi trek is one of the models among these. This is a trek which is worth doing once. If you plan to visit Dehradun or Mussoorie,  the Shahanshahi trek is one of the activities you should keep in your itinerary.