Nag Tibba Base Camp

Nag Tibba Base Camp, or Nag Tibba Mandir, is 8 km away from Pantwari, the starting point for the Nag Tibba trek. The other halting points before the base camp are Burans Streak Khol and Katiyan. The base camp is 2 km from Katiyan. This trek between Katiyan and Nag Tibba base camp is relatively easier and is mostly covered by thick and dense forest. One can enjoy the forest greenery and the bird chirping on the way to the base camp. While treading towards the base camp, the final leg will be an open small green grass field. This place is an ideal place to sit for a moment to enjoy the nature’s blessing, and just few more meters away is your final halting point of the day – base camp. There is an old and ruined and forest guest house at the start of base camp.

This place is the largest of all the meadows along the route, where one can pitch the tents. The Nag Tibba Mandir base camp is best suited overnight staying point because of its bigger location and openness. Here one can lie on the ground and relax and experience enchanting beauty of Himalayan serenity.

As soon as you reach your destination point, it is a good idea to freshen up and change the clothes for nightwear. Tea and snacks after a long hauling trek should be an ideal activity at the campsite followed by bonfire, of course with all precautions and approvals from concerned authority, and the dinner. One would be delighted to see the sky lit by hundreds of stars at the night time, provided the weather is clear. If it is a moon night, the moon light on surrounding mountains will captivate you with its emphatic beauty. The mountain slopes will take your imaginations up to the summit, more willing to scale the summit than ever. The tiring journey will soon make you sleep in your tents for readying you to continue the next day’s journey. Next day will mark the final day for climbing the dream summit – Nag Tibba summit.

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