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Ghat, Ramni, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass

Ghat, Ramni, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass

Ghat is a small friendly settlement in the Nandakini Valley and located about 19 km from Nandprayag.  From Ghat, the route goes via Ramni, Sarkot, Jhenjipatni, Pana, Irani, Sanatoli, and Domabhiti to the Kuari Pass.

The Ramni-Kuari Road is also known as Curzon Road, because Lord Curzon, a keen trekking enthusiast, trekked from Gwaldom to Ramni and on to Kuari pass, when he was the Viceroy of the British India.

The trek passes through the picturesque areas around Ramni, then trails along to Sarkot and Sanatoli where from expansive view of the Himalayas can be had.  At times, the going can really be strenuous, especially in the sections Ghat to Ramni and Domabhiti to Kuari.

The road till Nandaprayag is the part of national highway to Badrinath and  192 km from Rishikesh. It takes around 6-7 hours to reach Nandaprayag from Rishikesh and another 30 – 40 minutes to reach Ghat at a moderate speed. 

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